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US and International Patents Available for Ur24: Breakthrough Non-Invasive Urinary Catheter

Innovative Device Eliminates Risks and Discomfort Associated with Internal Urinary Catheters

SAN MARCOS, Calif., Oct. 17, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ASG Services Inc., a Southern California regional Merger/Acquisition firm, announced today that it is seeking a major health industry entity to acquire the US and International patents for the manufacture and global sale and distribution of Ur24, the break-through external urine collection catheter

/EIN News/ -- ASG maintains that the acquirer of the patents can potentially earn total revenues exceeding $27 billion with gross profit margins of more than 70 percent, if it gains just one percent of world market share in each of the next five years.

The key selling point of Ur24 is that it is external-- outside the body -- and non-invasive, virtually eliminating all risk of infection that currently exists with traditional in-dwelling catheters.

Catheters are a major source of infection for at home catheter users and in medical patients, causing extended hospital stays, litigation and sometimes even death.  Industry statistics show that 40% of all 'hospital acquired infections' are from in-dwelling urinary catheter insertions and removals.

Barry G. Evans, the president of ASG Services, Inc., said: “Ur24 will be a Class II FDA product that will not require clinical trials, presenting an enormous opportunity for the entity that acquires the patents  to rapidly begin worldwide marketing and distribution.” The product is intended for hospitals, emergency care facilities, nursing homes, long-term care facilities and in-home use. 

Who uses Urinary Catheters?  According to the World Health Organization there are over 200 million people who need and use urinary catheters on either an intermittent, daily or permanent basis.  Other industry sources indicate that, due to longer life spans and increases in many health ailments, the total of those needing 'urinary assistance' is growing at over 5% a year.

Evans foresees two revenue streams from the Ur24 product starting with the initial sale of the product and then the replacement usage needs depending on if it is used in emergency protocol (one usage only) or at other facilities (usually requiring replacement every 30 days).

Ur24 Technology LLC holds two domestic and international patent filings – one for the urinary tube and fluid/air displacement system, also known as the human apparatus (HA), which attaches to the urethra and is made of a medical grade, pliable silicone gel. It can be stabilized to the user’s mid-thigh with Velcro for added comfort and ease of use.

On its upper end, the tube seals off the flow of urine, which is directed to flow into a collection container that is part of the Urine Collection Apparatus (UCA). A combination of one-way  valves known as the “breather” allows air into the tube and a low-pressure vacuum then directs the urine to flow into the awaiting UCA container. The second patent is for the urine canister to be equipped with one or more sensors that can, when tied in with wireless capability, relay in real time (not outside lab time) important information such as blood or other fluids being present in the urine.

The UCA eliminates patient discomfort and pain that comes with invasive catheters’ insertion and removal, in addition to eliminating the chance of infection caused by internal abrasions to the urinary tract. It also mitigates nurse discomfort—many nurses maintain that catheter insertion and removal is their most dreaded task.

The analyzer also reduces the lab time necessary to analyze urine as it has the ability to indicate urine biochemicals, record the volume and the nature of fluids, record the time of urination and sound alerts if any foreign bio chemical fluids, other than urine, are encountered. 

The UCA was developed by Landon Duval, an inventor concerned with the problems and liability risks associated with in-dwelling or internal urinary catheters used in treating urinary-related obstructions including muscle problems and nerve impairments.

The entity controlling the patents will ultimately decide on the Ur24’s product pricing structure, but ASG estimates the units retailing at $1,495 when sold directly to end users via e-commerce and by medical supply retailers

Interested parties can contact ASG to inquire about the Patent Package at

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